Oticon Hearing Aids

The History of Oticon

Founded in 1904 by Hans Demant, whose wife was hearing impaired, Oticon currently employs more than 3000 people worldwide and specialises in the design and manufacture of hearing aids for both adults and children. Oticon hearing solutions are benefiting people in more than 100 countries around the world.

After the death of Hans Demant in 1910, his son William Demant took over. In 1957, William and his wife Ida Emilie donated the Demant family’s shares in the company to the Oticon Foundation. The Oticon Foundation’s general aim is charity with particular emphasis on helping people with a hearing impairment.


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Hearing care professionals will always recommend a brand they trust – for our Hearing Aid Dispensers, that’s Oticon. We trust them to deliver some of the best hearing aids in the world; which is why we recommend them. Although our recommendation can’t come highly enough, it’s important you have the information you need to make an informed choice.

Very much considered one of the ‘founding fathers’ of modern hearing aid technology, the Denmark-based company are at the absolute forefront of research and design in the hearing aid sector. The company’s latest range of digital hearing aids utilises the world’s most advanced digital signal processing technology, and while there are many more to choose from, below is some information on the latest (and most popular) hearing aid systems.

Take a look at a selection of Oticon hearing aid products below, and then below that continue to familiarise yourself with the Oticon brand, understanding their history and experience as leading hearing aid manufacturers.


Oticon Hearing Aids have the following:


Signal Processing System:



Spatial Sound:


Binaural Broadband:

Spatial Noise Management:

Binaural Processing:

Binaural Synchronisation:

Binaural Coordination:

Artificial Intelligence:

Feedback Management:

Free Focus:





Back dir:

Noise Management:



Special Purpose programs:

Soft Speech Booster:


Adaptation Management:


Fitting Bandwidth*:

Fitting Bands:


ConnectLine enabled:

nEARcom enabled:

Tinnitus Sound Support™ **:

All Oticon’s behind-the-ear hearing instruments have been awarded IP58 classification


Oticon Today

Oticon now operates its own research facility called the Erikshold Research Centre, where they work consistently to pursue audiological discoveries to enhance their designs to provide more benefits to their end users. They also have a large base of technology development specialists based in Denmark, specialised software engineers, and employ almost 600 people at their award-winning production facility in Thisted, Denmark.

They specialise in four core focus areas: Audiology, Technology, Counselling & Fitting and Business Support. Oticon believes that the most important aspect of their work is the customer, so they ensure all their product developments are first put through rigorous testing via test panels, focus groups, detailed interviews with test subjects, and regular end-user visits to ensure good continuation of feedback and performance observation.


Sound Research

Research and development are at the forefront of the Oticon business plan, and each year they plough back a substantial amount of their sales into further research and development. This continued investment into research has meant that Oticon is at the cutting edge of product development, and were the first company to produce the world’s first fully digital hearing device, DigiFocus. Not only this, but they were responsible for creating MultiFocus, the world’s first fully automatic hearing device, as well as Adapto, which was the world’s first artificial intelligence hearing device. More recently, Oticon has produced Agil, the world’s most sophisticated hearing instrument to date.

Customer care is also a priority, and all their products come with a wide range of multi-media support to help and guide people using their hearing systems, as well as to help keep hearing professionals dealing with the hearing systems up to date with the new products.


Why Choose Oticon?

Oticon is a widely trusted manufacturer of hearing solutions, and is among the three largest providers in the world. The company has won over 20 awards over the years for their developmental achievements.

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